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The Troodos Hotel is situated in the central square and is surrounded by recreational areas, and areas where you can enjoy various activities.  It is also beside shops that sell traditional Cypriot products.

Its location is one of our hotel’s biggest advantages. As we are just 5 km from the top of Mount Olympus, at an altitude of 1,725 m, you will have every opportunity to enjoy beautiful mountain views from your room or while you sip your coffee in the lobby.  You can also enjoy various mountain activities.

Despite its remote setting, the Troodos Hotel is just a short journey from Cyprus’ airports and from the island’s popular attractions.

There is also a regular bus transportation service from Limassol and Nicosia to the Troodos Hotel and back.

Indicative prices for taxi transportation are available on the following table.

Location Distances Time Taxi prices
Larnaca International Airport 111 klm 1 hour 28 minutes 90€
Larnaca (center) 110 klm 1 hour 28 minutes 90€
Agia Napa 154 klm 1 hour 51 minutes 125€
Pafos International Airport 61,4 klm 1 hour 15 minutes 70€
Pafos (center) 75 klm 1 hour 13 minutes 75€
Lemesos (center) 43,2 klm 43 minutes 55€
Nicosia (center) 76,6 klm 1 hour 26 minutes 75€