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The ski centre
The Cyprus Ski Club has 3 ski lifts and one chair lift, all on the summit of Mount Olympus (Chionistra).  These lifts are the starting points for 8 runs for skiers of all abilities: for beginners and intermediate level but also for the "masters" of the sport. There are two pistes in Sun Valley, Sun Valley I (Venus) and Sun Valley II (Hermes), with four runs. Both runs have T-bar ski lifts which can carry two people at once, and can transport 310 and 480 people per hour respectively.  The other two ski lifts lead to the North Face I (Jupiter) and North Face II (Ira) pistes which have 4 more runs.  These are on north side of Olympus - hence the name “North Face”. These lifts, one of which is a T-bar lift and the other is chairlift (for 3 people), also carry more than 400 people an hour.

Each lift has its own base with a small café and they are all joined in a single trail network.

Lift opening hours are 09.00 - 16.00.