The Palaciana Restaurant is located inside the Troodos Hotel and has the philosophy of the Buffet restaurant. Our kitchen serves a full buffet of food, with a variety of homemade and sophisticated recipes. The Palaciana Restaurant is the ideal venue for events. Its facilities are suitable to accommodate a large number of guests. In case of hosting an event and upon request, there is the possibility of designing our buffet menu in collaboration with you, so that it meets your taste preferences. Plan your event in the warm and welcoming space of Palaciana Restaurant and spend a beautiful day with good company and food that exceeds your expectations.

Plan your


Troodos Hotel undertakes to plan your wedding reception. Choose the ideal buffet menu, decoration and music you want and spend this special day with your loved ones, exactly as you have dreamed.

Organize your


Organize your christening table at the Pallaciana Restaurant of the Troodos Hotel. Choose the ideal buffet menu for both adults and children and spend this special day carefree in the spacious, warm and welcoming space of our hotel.

Organize dreamy


The space of Palaciana Restaurant is suitable to host your engagement event. Whether you have planned your engagement in a closed or open circle, our kitchen, the excellent service of our staff and the magnificent view of the mountain will make this day unforgettable.

Make a frenzy

Bachelor party

The appropriate buffet menu tailored to your preferences, the music of your choice and the beautiful mountain views offered by the Palaciana Restaurant of the Troodos Hotel, compose the ideal conditions to celebrate your bachelor party with your dear friends.

We organize

Formal Dinners

The spacious area of the Palaciana Restaurant is suitable for formal dinners. The quiet space of our restaurant, its relaxed atmosphere and a buffet menu with sophisticated recipes will thrive on the success of your formal dinner.

Cultural events

Nights for Clubs and Associations

Plan a successful dance for your club or association at the Pallaciana Restaurant with a large number of guests, delicious food in unlimited quantities from our buffet, music of your choice and plenty of space for dancing!

Organize your

New Year's pie cutting

Organize your pie-cutting event at the Troodos Palaciana Restaurant, surrounded by the mountainous natural wealth of the Troodos. Plan a buffet dinner with festive recipes for you and your guests and set the goals of the new year while admiring the magnificent view of the mountain.

Make the best

Masquerade Party / Halloween

In collaboration with you, the Troodos Hotel can turn the Pallaciana Restaurant into an ultimate masquerade party venue. With many favorite recipes in our buffet for young and old, music and decoration of your choice and with the right company, have fun dancing and singing in our hotel!

Exprerience the best

Christmas celebrations

Spend the festive days of Christmas with a well-organized Christmas party for you and your loved ones in the warm and welcoming space of Pallaciana Restaurant, with a festive atmosphere and delicious Christmas recipes executed from the kitchen of our restaurant.

Organize your

School parties

The Pallaciana Restaurant of the Troodos Hotel has ample space for school holidays. The delicious buffet menu that you will choose with our help, adapted to both parents and children, will successfully complete your school event.

Make the best

Children parties

Have your children's party at the Pallaciana Restaurant, turning our restaurant into a place for endless play and dancing. Choose a buffet menu for adults and a menu of delicacies for children and let our little friends have fun as only they know!



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