The Margarita Café Bar was designed to offer endless moments of calm and relaxation to the guests of the Troodos Hotel and to the visitors of the area. The interior of Margarita Café Bar features comfortable sofas and a fireplace for cold winter days, creating a warm and welcoming environment. The patio of Margarita Café Bar is located in the heart of the forest and allows you to admire the beauty of the mountainous natural landscape and enjoy the coolness of Troodos on hot summer days. At Margarita Café Bar you will enjoy hot and cold drinks throughout the day, which you can accompany with delicious snacks that we make for you with love and passion. Finish your day by choosing a drink or cocktail from the great variety served by our bar and enjoy it in combination with the wild beauty of the mountain.


The Pallaciana Restaurant is located inside the Troodos Hotel and has the philosophy of the Buffet restaurant. At the Pallaciana Restaurant we offer a delicious trip to the guests of the Troodos Hotel but also to the visitors of the area. During periods of high traffic, our kitchen serves a full buffet of food, with a variety of homemade and sophisticated recipes. Our guests have the opportunity to enjoy their breakfast, lunch and dinner with endless choices of dishes and delicacies and all this in unlimited quantities. Pallaciana Restaurant is the ideal place to organize receptions, celebrations, baptisms and birthdays. Its facilities are suitable to accommodate a large number of guests. In case of hosting an event and upon request, there is the possibility of designing our buffet menu in collaboration with you, so that it meets your taste preferences. Plan your event in the warm and welcoming space of Pallaciana Restaurant and spend a beautiful day with good company and food that exceeds your expectations.


The preservation of traditions is part of the philosophy of Hotel Troodos. For this reason, we have created a specially designed outdoor area with tables and barbecue in which every Sunday or at your request, and weather permitting, our restaurant holds a barbeque. Spend a beautiful day with your family or friends in the forest tasting fresh local meats traditionally grilled in combination with delicious and delicious side dishes, as appropriate for the occasion.


The 1725 Wine Bar is located in Troodos Square, at an altitude of 1725 meters and a stone's throw from Troodos Hotel. It is the ideal destination for the visitor who wants to escape for a few hours from the fast pace of the city and forget the problems of everyday life.
1725 Wine Bar is housed in a traditional restored building that at first glance resembles a mountain refuge. Its special interior decoration based on stone and wood, the wood stove that burns and heats the space and the incomparable panoramic view of the mountain offered from every corner, create an environment that combines relaxation, tranquility and luxury. The outdoor area, equipped with table seats, allows the visitor to become one with nature and enjoy every moment of his stay.
At 1725 Wine Bar you will find a wide variety of wines from selected producers in Cyprus and abroad. Accompany your wine with a delicious wine platter that we make for you. Try imaginative combinations of local cheeses and cold cuts, seasonal vegetables and dried fruits. Alternatively, you can enjoy coffees, drinks and cocktails. Our special menu also includes hot dishes (such as pizza), so you do not miss anything.
The 1725 Wine Bar also has a specially decorated area with occasional wine presentations and tasting tests. This separate space is designed to accommodate about 15 - 20 people and is provided for private meetings, presentations and events as it is equipped with televisions and projectors.
The 1725 Wine Bar is open from 10:00 am until late at night.
Just 40 minutes from the city, in a location dominated by the majesty of mountain natural wealth, the 1725 Wine Bar promises to give you a unique and authentic experience.


Plagia Restaurant is open all year round inside the Troodos Hotel. It is a spacious restaurant that gives the visitor the opportunity every day to enjoy his lunch and dinner combined with the enchanting beauty of the mountain landscape. For the guests of Troodos Hotel there is the option to enjoy their food in the quiet and privacy of their room with the room service. Our special menu includes a large variety of options and allows you to order whatever your appetite craves. For your convenience, Plagia Restaurant has a take away service with a specially designed area which you can take advantage of before your departure or in case you are planning a morning excursion in the surrounding area. You can choose between snacks or hot portions of food, seasonal fruits, desserts and natural drinks of your choice.



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