Troodos kiosk

Troodos Kiosk is located outside the Troodos Hotel. This is a mini market from which the visitors of the area can get the necessary goods during their stay. At Troodos Kiosk you will find basic necessities, refrigerated products, snacks, savory, coffees, drinks and gifts.

Hiking support room

The Troodos Hotel Hiking support room is a separate facility connected to the hotel via an internal door. The area is specially designed so that visitors can leave and store their hiking equipment. There are also locker rooms where guests can change their dirty clothes and shoes into clean ones.

Information center

From the Information center of Troodos Hotel, guests can obtain brochures and maps of the area, be informed by the staff about the nature trails that surround our hotel and be informed about the opening hours of the churches and museums in the area to organize their next outing or visit. The Information center is located in the reception area of the Troodos Hotel.

Bike center

The Bike center of Troodos Hotel is a specially designed area that offers guests the possibility of renting a bicycle. Commercial bicycles for rent are available at the Bike center, as well as a bicycle maintenance service. Upon request, Hotel Troodos organizes nature tours under the guidance of a professional cyclist. Finally, the hotel undertakes the transport of bicycles from or to the place you wish for your personal service. Make the most of your stay at the Troodos Hotel by exploring the majesty of nature offered by the Troodos Mountains and experience the ultimate adventure. To rent your bike please contact us at [email protected]

Wellness center & Gym

The Wellness center of the Troodos Hotel and the magnificent view it offers of the Troodos Mountains create the ideal conditions for a highly enjoyable experience of calm and relaxation for the visitor. It has a hammam and jacuzzi as well as an area where massage service is offered by professionals by appointment. Relax by massaging with essential oils or group therapy with your partner or company. Hotel Troodos also has a space with professional fitness equipment such as electric treadmill, stationary bike, dumbbells and workbench allowing you to maintain your form and schedule during your stay.

Papapetrou conference room

Papapetrou conference room is the conference center located inside the Troodos Hotel. It can accommodate 40 seated people and has a capacity of up to 6 people. It has modern equipment and provides attendees with the required peace and privacy. It is the ideal place for organizing meetings, seminars, lectures and presentations. The staff of Troodos Hotel organizes for you the event you want based on your own preferences.

1725 Wine Bar

The 1725 Wine Bar is located in Troodos Square, at an altitude of 1725 meters and a stone's throw from Troodos Hotel. It is the ideal destination for the visitor who wants to escape for a few hours from the fast pace of the city and forget the problems of everyday life. In the traditional restored building that at first glance resembles a mountain refuge, you will find a wide variety of wines from selected producers in Cyprus and abroad. Accompany your wine with a delicious wine platter that we make for you. The 1725 Wine Bar also has a specially decorated area with occasional wine presentations and tasting tests.

Tennis courts

Tennis courts are a short distance from Troodos Square and very close to the Dolphin cafe & restaurant. Surrounded by the Troodos forest, you will find three fully equipped tennis courts available to area guests upon reservation. The location of the facilities makes the space ideal for games and training, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with fresh air filling your lungs.



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